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People like to transfer files between Androids. However, most file transfer applications would demand us to use USB cable, internet connection, or even cellular data to do so. You don’t have to worry though. This is something that is not going to happen to you if you choose to use one app called Xender – File Transfer & Share latest APK 4.4.2.Prime (458). We are not just going to claim it for we have reasons why this app is worth to recommend.

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Xender – File Transfer & Share File Information

Developer: Xender Team
Version: 4.4.2.Prime (458)
File size: 15.7 MB
Uploaded: January 26, 2019 at 7:26AM GMT+07
Requirement: Varies with device
MD5: d6b7961fe7095145e0f065e720f4a462
SHA1: 78105f6a9e8ba3a21ad531f5b0e367fb859a609d

Download Xender – File Transfer & Share APK 4.4.2.Prime

 Download APK File (15.7 MB)Install from Google Play Store 

Xender – File Transfer & Share review

Speaking about the main features of the app, you won’t get only two or three from it. In fact, there are many of them that should be of help for you in just any way. Among those features, the app offers high speed, sharing files without limitation, free internet quota, sharing files of any sizes, support transfer between operating systems, easy phone duplication, file manager, ability to see connected friend’s app, user friendly design, and slide photos to send. There sure is a bunch here.

What’s good about this app is not only because it has a bunch of features to offer, but also because it supports variety of language in it. Those languages include English, Arabian, Bengali, Traditional Mandarin, Hungarian, Greek, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Malaysian, Korean, Turkish, Thai, Hindi, Russian, Polish, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Vietnamese. So, we can say that this app we are talking about here is the app for people of all origins. Isn’t it nice then?

Every application has the things they are good at and the things they are not. You can’t expect one to be of complete perfection for there is no such app out there. Having cons doesn’t judge one to be bad though. They are something that the app is merely lacking. It is not even the case for everyone.


  • App with Minimum Bug
  • Simple File Transfer App
  • Easy Way to Transfer Any Files
  • Satisfying High Transfer Speed


  • No Option to Allow and Reject Transfer

How to Use

As it was said before, the use of Xender – File Transfer & Share for Android is very easy. In order to transfer files, you start by tapping rectangular red box in the app. Click on Send and a hotspot will be created to connect to the other device. On the other device, click on Receive in the app and turn on the GPS to look detect the available device. Click on the intended device found and you can easily transfer everything you need to send to others. See? It is as easy as how you can imagine it to be. So, it would be worth of your time to try this one.


  • Connection optimization
  • Fixed known bugs

On more than one occasion, you’ve probably wondered how to transfer files from your Android device to a PC, iOS, Mac or another Android smartphone or tablet, in a fast manner and without having to resort to cables. If so, you should be interested in knowing about Xender, a tool that allows yo to do so without cables and also without establishing an Internet connection, whether WiFi or data.

Is that possible? How does Xender work?

This file transfer tool for Android makes use of the connectivity capacity of our smartphone or tablet to create its own short-range WiFi network. The receiver (an iPhone or iPad, Windows or Mac) only needs to have the application installed and be close to the phone so as to be detected on the newly created network.

You obviously won’t be able to use it to send or receive files over large distances but it will help you to send anything to your own computer, share an application with a friend or transfer multimedia galleries full of photos.

A great solution for the transfer of large files.

These are the main features and functions of this application:

  • Share all sorts of elements on your smartphone with other devices: songs, applications, documents, photos, videos…
  • No need to connect to any data network.
  • Transfers up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • Compatible with different operating systems.
  • Built-in playback of music and videos.
  • No data limits within transfers.

Appealing functions way beyond the transfer speed

The key to the success of this application isn’t all about the great speed with which it’s capable of transferring files but also the functions it offers as a multiplatform software. Due to the current fragmentation regarding the use of Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS operating systems, this app encourages the compatibility between them all. You only need the version corresponding to your platform and the devices themselves will take care of establishing a connection.

It also comes along with a very appealing function for Android users: if a friend of ours has an application that we really like, he’ll be able to share it with us by simply sending us the APK installation file by means of Xender. No personal details or activity data will be disclosed other than the original game package.

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